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Scheduling Manager — Service Business Software Solution

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A Complete Management Tool For Your Service Business

Scheduling Manager is the preferred software of thousands of service business owners.
The multitude of features available in the Scheduling Manager make it the most powerful and vital tool of any successful service business.
Available as desktop-based software, or as an on-line system, or a combination system. Use cloud computing capabilities to your maximum advantage!
Interfaces with SM-Mobile, our mobile app, and the Customer-Employee Web Portal. The link to the web-based Portal and the Mobile app provide untold advantages for the Scheduling Manager user. For example, you can see exactly where your employees are at any time (and where they've been), through the use of GPS-enabled mobile devices which sync seamlessly with the desktop-based job scheduling and employee tracking software.
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customer information management

CRM and Customer Information Management

Manage all information regarding your customers and sales prospects, including:
Contact information.
Multiple work locations for customers and leads.
Directions and map information.
Create mail merge letters for bulk mailings to leads and customers. Also, create and send bulk e-mail campaigns with the built-in E-mail Engine.
Schedule pop-up alarms and reminders to call sales prospects and customers to follow-up with them. Enables you to close more sales!
Account transactions and the customer's balance is readily available on the Customer Information screen.
Create and send estimates to sales prospects and customers.

Employee Information Management

Manage all information regarding your employees including:
Contact information.
Payroll data including hourly rates, overtime rates, commission rates or fixed-pay rates.
Keep track of each employee's skills inventory, and licenses and certificates employee has earned.
Control SM-Mobile parameters, and see where employee is at any time (requires SM-Mobile mobile app with a GPS-enabled mobile device).
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job scheduling calendar

Job Scheduling

Create schedules to automatically add jobs to the calendar for you with a variety of different frequency options including weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annually, and more!
Change individual jobs, or make changes to entire schedules.
Use one of 8 interactive job scheduling screens in the software to easily add jobs, view data, change and complete jobs.
Crete job schedules for any period you choose, and have the option of changing individual jobs in a series as the need arises.

Team Information Management

Group your employees together into teams to make your scheduling tasks easier. Teams can be changed on a daily basis, or for individual jobs.
You can also group teams together into Team Groupings -- one group for each geographical area, for example. Or one team group for each major type of work that your service business performs.
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mapping scheduling software

Mapping Capabilities

Scheduling Manager provides multiple map-related functions through interfaces with popular mapping packages such as:
Google Maps
Yahoo Maps
Microsoft MapPoint
This interface allows you to:
Print directions to a client's location.
Print an entire route for a day.
Optimize a route to minimize driving distance.
Suggest a day and time for a job based upon location.
See where all employees are at any time (requires SM-Mobile)
Plot multiple routes per day simultaneously (using Google Maps)

Service Categories/Work Codes

Use Scheduling Manager to track and manage the different types of work you provide.
Obtain reports to show which services are more profitable than others.
Indicate which types of work (if any) should require a signed waiver from customers
Set default pricing for each service
Use the Price Matrix Module to set individual prices for each service for each customer!
Interface and synch your service categories with Service Items from QuickBooks, using our QuickBooks Real-time Module.
work codes


In the Scheduling Manager invoices are created automatically as jobs are completed (closed out).
This means that your billing is finished in just a matter of seconds, regardless of whether you have 20 jobs a week or 2,000!
Print individual invoices for customers, or statements for an entire month to show all activity on a customer's account.
Customer balance and transaction history is readily available on the Customer Information screen.
Process credit cards directly from the software. Even if you have 5.500 credit card charges a week, you can process them all in a matter of minutes.
Use Split Billing capabilities to cause invoices to be split between more than one payer.
Use Agency Billing to cause invoices to be transferred to an Agency which is responsible for the invoices.
Have invoices automatically transferred to Scheduling Manager from the mobile app for job scheduling and accounting.


Scheduling Manager makes managing your payroll a breeze.

Payroll information is automatically recorded when you complete jobs, so all you need to do at the end of your pay period is run your payroll report.

Import timekeeping data from SM-Mobile, our mobile jobs tracking app, which are used for automatically updating payroll data ion the system.
Scheduling Manager handles six rates of hourly pay, overtime pay, pay-per-job and commission pay. Also handles bonus pay, deductions, tips, fixed pay, and combinations of all these pay types as well! You can customize the look and feel, and the functionality of the payroll system yourself with very little effort.
Export Payroll data to any one of a variety of specialized payroll programs, including ADP, Paychex, QuickBooks and more.
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With the Scheduling Manager, we offer you either an import/export interface with QuickBooks, or a Real-Time interface.
With the Real-Time QuickBooks interface, customers or transactions created in Scheduling Manager are automatically updated in QuickBooks, and vice versa.
Interfaces available with all desktop versions of QuickBooks, as well as with QuickBooks Online.
Also works with localized versions of QuickBooks (e.g. South Africa), Reckon (Australia), etc.


Create estimates for customers.
Establish your own parameters for various charges for services as either per unit/sq. feet charges, or as percentage charges.
Choose the style of estimate you want (Quick estimates or detailed invoice-style estimates).
View, print or e-mail estimates to customer or prospects with ease!

Inventory Manager

Track items in stock.
Create purchase orders and add items to invoices in Scheduling Manager.
Set automatic reorder/replenish levels for each item
Set various price level points for each item
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Excellent Customer Support Services
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Our excellent customer support services mean that friendly, personal assistance is only a phone call away!
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"My success as a service business would not have been possible without the help of the Scheduling Manager program."
- Sean Rashid, Maid To Please, VA
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