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articles about scheduling software for service businesses

We present below a few articles of interest to anyone running a service business. Several of these articles have been written by our own Murray Gordon, who was responsible for designing the first of our many successful software programs for service businesses. The first such program was The Cleaning Manager -- a program written for a window cleaning business in Long Island, which served literally thousands of clients in the Hamptons, which needed their houses cleaned during the summer holiday months, and regular maintenance performed during the winter months, when the owners were living in the city, and the houses were empty. Murray still supervises the overall design of our programs, and also works now as a consultant and coach to entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, helping them become successful in their ventures.


Case Study: Find Out How One Successful Maid Service Began

Maria Green decided to start a maid service business in July 2005.
She wondered what skills and training she’d need to be successful in her new venture. She decided to explore a variety of options. It seemed she had three choices open to her. First choice: she could join a national franchise – there were several possibilities she read about in Entrepreneur magazine. The second option was to simply start up, and then learn how to make the business successful as she progressed – the trial and error method. The third option would be to hire a consultant or trainer who would teach her what she needed to know and guide her through the start up phase of the business. She considered the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

Software and Computer Technology as Organizational Aids

An article about how to use software effectively to make your business more efficient, so you save money otherwise spent on unnecessary back-office tasks, and make more money by having an effective tool to track your marketing plans, and keep in touch with your customers' needs. Whether you're running a maid service, home health care business, commercial cleaning business, security company, pest control business or staffing agency, you will benefit from planning your software purchase well, and having a well thought out plan pertaining to your software implementation.
For assistance with selecting software for your business, you can e-mail the author, Murray Gordon, at
(Article originally published in Cleaning Specialist Magazine)

Why Backups are Important

Backing up Today will keep the Computer Technician Away
(And save you lots of money, heartache and perhaps even your business)
An article on the importance of backups for your IT system, in your service business, whether that be a home health care business, maid service, commercial cleaning, pest control, security, staffing agency or other service business.


The Importance of Having a Good Backup Policy

Thoughtful Systems NEWS, January 2007
Every now and then some event occurs which draws our attention again to the problems people experience because of not having instituted a coherent and logical backup policy at the right time...