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Web Portal

The new Scheduling Manager Web Portal gives both your customers and your employees a way to log in online to view their upcoming job information. In addition to this, customers can also request a job and pay an invoice.
1. Customer Log In   2. Customers Can See Upcoming Appointments
Upon logging in, your customers can see current information regarding their account, including:
Their next, upcoming job.
Their current account balance.
Customer Web Portal
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Customers can view their upcoming appointments and all details associated with them.
Customer Portal Viewing Appointments
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3. Customers Can Make Appointments   4. Customers Can See Times Available
With the new Web Portal your customers can also log in and book appointments themselves.
Customer Portal Booking Appointments
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When booking a new appointment, customers can click and view what time spots are currently available.
Customer Portal Available Times
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5. Customers View Account History   6. Customers Viewing Invoices
Customers can view a complete history of their past invoices.
Customer Portal Account History
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Customers can view details of past invoices.
Customer Portal Viewing Invoices
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7. Customers Pay Invoices Online    
In addition to viewing invoices online, customers can also pay invoices online.
Customer Portal Paying Invoices Online
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