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Scheduling Manager is a powerful, multi-functional job scheduling, workforce management, accounting, payroll and mapping program which will help you grow your pest control business, from startup through to large enterprise.

It's easy to learn and get started with. As you use the software and gather more data, you can use the comprehensive reporting and business intelligence tools in the software to grow your business.

We provide a complete software management tool to aid you in running your pest and extermination business more efficiently and more productively – meaning that you spend less time on trivial and repetitive tasks, and instead focus on those areas of your business where your skills will enhance the workflow, lead to greater customer satisfaction and result in a more profitable business – one which will provide greater returns to you financially and in other significant ways.

You have invested in equipment for your business. If that equipment is idle, or under-utilized, and if you are not booking as many jobs as possible because of inadequate management tools, then you can look forward to increasing your efficiency, making better use of equipment, minimizing paper work and having the best job scheduling tools available in any software, when you upgrade to Scheduling Manager software.

You need the best available software tools for your pest control business so you can compete effectively in a crowded marketplace, and provide yourself with the best organizational and marketing tools in one software package.  Once you have the best software available, you can concentrate on other important things, like growing your business, increasing sales and providing the best customer service.

Our service business software was first conceived of nearly 30 years ago. We have been working on it and enhancing it, continually adding new features, since that time. Try it out! Come grow your business with us.


20 Reasons to Choose Scheduling Manager for Pest Control Businesses

One Equipment Icon  

Equipment Tracking and Maintenance

You can record where your equipment is at any time with our Equipment Tracking Module. Suppose you leave a fumigation tent on site, all you need to do is simply record it in the Equipment Module and set the length of time to leave it on site to receive an automatic reminder for retrieval. You'll always know where your pest control assets are with the Equipment Tracking features.

To make the feature as useful as possible, we gave you the ability to keep records of inventory parts used and maintenance performed on each piece of equipment.

Two Customer Relationship Management  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our Customer Information Screen allows you to view and control either customers, or leads, or both. One person can be dealing with your current pest control customers, while a salesperson can be viewing leads, calling and/or e-mailing potential clients, keeping notes on progress, and using other tools to aid in closing more sales. These powerful CRM features can pay for the software by providing better customer service and closing more sales.

Three Estimates  


Quickly create estimates for services such as extermination, inspections, humane trapping, etc. with this powerful software system. The estimates can be mailed directly to the client or e-mailed for quick turnaround. Once accepted, you can easily convert the estimate to an invoice. Scheduling Manager’s CRM features will help you keep track of outstanding estimates so you can follow-up, close sales and subsequently collect payments.

Four Job Calendar  

Marketing Outreach Features

Keep all of your sales and marketing personnel current with all interactions with leads or clients with our powerful marketing features. Swiftly and effortlessly create bulk e-mailing campaigns for prospective leads, current customers, or select a group from within all contacts.

Five Increased Sales Figures  

Marketing Analytics Features

The incorporated marketing features help you keep detailed notes on all customers and leads, allowing you to stay up to date with all of your business's interactions with clients or leads. We make it easy to create e-mailing campaigns to send alerts to a select subset of all contacts, move leads along the sales process, or market to current customers.

Reminder e-mails can be sent at selected intervals after the last job was performed for a client and remind them that it’s time for an inspection or to take preventative steps.

Six Accounts Receivable  

Accounts Receivable – Invoices, statements, payments, account balances, aging reports, etc.

Create invoices automatically with our pest control business software's integrated accounts receivable functions. The invoices are created when a job is completed, and you can immediately view each customer’s account balance information on-screen. We offer the ability to quickly create sales, profitability, and aging reports. We also integrate with several accounting packages such as QuickBooks, Sage, MYOB, and more.

Seven Quickbooks Link  

QuickBooks Real-Time Link

QuickBooks users can transfer customers to Scheduling Manager in seconds, making it easy to set up customer records. As your company grows, all of the customer information, invoices, payments, and service information data is synced between Scheduling Manager and QuickBooks automatically in real-time. This makes it an indispensable syncing utility!

We also have options for users of QuickBooks Online to sync with both Scheduling Manager and our Scheduling Manager Web Express.

Eight Credit Card Processing  

Credit Card Processing

Scheduling Manager's credit card processing capabilities allow you to easily process credit card payments. The customer's credit card information is encrypted and stored to ensure high security. Every time a customer chooses to pay by credit card, their information is quickly processed, and the payment is soon in your bank account! Many users of Scheduling Manager for pest control businesses have told us how this feature alone has saved them enough money to easily pay for the entire cost of the software!

Nine Payroll payment  

Payroll Functionality

After you complete a job, all of its details are stored as historical data, including the assigned employees and their time on the job. Once the job is completed payroll is automatically calculated. We provide options to pay by the hour, on commission, or both. You can also pay mileage costs, fixed pay rates by the number of rooms, type of pest, or cost of chemicals. Scheduling Manager can handle any pay structure you may use. Reports for each payroll period display amounts due to each employee or sub-contractor. You can also run profitability reports so you can analyze gross pay per job and the total amount charged.

Ten Route Optimization  

Route Optimization

The mapping tools also allow you to optimize routes for every technician based on each day’s job schedule. This reduces time spent between jobs and money spent on gasoline. With all the time saved, your employees may be able to add an extra job for the day and increase your revenue. Our mobile app also has access to these powerful mapping features. These sophisticated optimization features alone can cover more than the cost of our pest control business software.

Eleven Mapping Features  

Mapping Features

Our built-in mapping features for our software for pest control businesses helps you determine routes and schedules, calculate travel time between jobs, and find the ideal technician to assign to a job with our “Find Best Employee” feature. This powerful feature suggests dates for job booking based on when employees will be in the same area, which will reduce drive times between jobs and increase efficiency. Compatible with Google Maps, Mapquest, Microsoft MapPoint, and Yahoo Maps.

Twelve Mobile Functionality  

Mobile Access

Each of your technicians can check their work schedule and client notes with our mobile app, SM-Mobile. With this app, your employees can take notes, complete jobs and edit estimates from the field to add additional line items or requests. From the field, each technician can take job-related photos, record client signatures, produce invoices, and receive payments. The GPS tracking feature will provide routes displayed on their mobile device so they can move quickly to the next job. SM-Mobile is available for iOS and Android devices.

Thirteen GPS Icon  

GPS Capabilities let you know where your employees are

The GPS feature allows you to track technicians so you can keep records of arrival and departure times from the job site. SM-Mobile's GPS feature records the location of each employee once every few minutes. When an employee punches in to the job with the mobile app, the time and GPS location is recorded. This way you can verify the times your employees are actually on-site. These records are useful for billing clients for every employee at their location for times shorter or longer than the specified time.

We also offer the option to check the location of employees with Scheduling Manager Gemini from your office. This provides you with many of the same capabilities of many dedicated GPS systems which cost a significant amount per month to maintain. All of it is included as part of SM-Mobile.

Fourteen Money Stacks  

Sales Productivity Reports

Scheduling Manager for Pest Control's sales reports make it possible for you to see how the business is doing at any given moment. Determine which advertising methods work best by analyzing sales by source, so you know where the most new customers are coming from. You can also analyze sales by work type, to determine which services are most profitable. We offer the ability to analyze all of your sales by employee and pay out commissions due to each individual salesperson or referring agent. We also offer the ability to run Actual vs. Budget reports that show the difference between the actual sales figures and the initial estimates. This way you can figure out which technicians are “up-selling” your services, which is important for any pest control business.

Fifteen E-Mail Icon  

Integrated E-mail Module

Scheduling Manager is equipped with an e-mail module that allows you to send messages to customers or employees with a simple click.  Choose from a number of predefined e-mail messages or create your own for job reminders, job tickets, holiday greetings, special offers, general marketing pieces or anything else you might need.

Sixteen Integrated Caller ID  

Integrated Caller ID

The Caller-ID feature shows incoming calls as a pop-up on your screen, allowing you to quickly access the customer's record with just a click. Details of incoming and outgoing calls are recorded with the Phone Activity Log.  An invaluable add-on feature which improves customer service and saves time for your office staff.

Seventeen Reminders  


Use the Reminders Feature to remind you or anyone else in your organization to call someone, or respond to a complaint, or any other task.  A very helpful aide to the user who wants to get the maximum out of the software for marketing purposes as well as for general organizational efficiency.

Eighteen Text (SMS) Messaging  

Integrated Text Messaging

The SMS/text message feature allows you to send mass texts of your jobs to employees. You can select a predefined message with a click of a button that contains all job information. You can also type a custom message for customers or employees. You can also easily send appointment reminders with text messages to all customers who want them.

Nineteen Integrated Software Pie Chart  

Integrated Computer Data Systems

Scheduling Manager integrates all information relating to customers, employees, jobs, and accounting, making all the components of your integrated pest control software work harmoniously in conjunction with one another.  You can also share information across platforms – Desktop, Online, Mobile, and the Customer-Employee Portal.  No other software for pest control businesses offers the same degree of flexibility, allowing you options for accessing your data from anywhere, along with the best security and efficiency considerations.

Twenty Customer Support  

Unrivaled, Friendly and Professional Support

You’re not on your own when you purchase Scheduling Manager Pest Control Edition.  Our friendly, professional customer success consultants are committed to ensuring that your experience with our service business software is smooth, and leads to your efficiently implementing the software in your pest control business.  We provide training, and unlimited support so that you have the best experience possible. Over the 27 years we’ve been producing software, we’ve regularly released updates for our job scheduling software which keep you up to date with the latest developments. (See our blog post on service business software development )

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Mobile App For Easy Mobile Job Scheduling
Mobile Software for Pest Control Services Our new mobile app for pest control businesses, SM-Mobile, runs on the following devices:
Android tablets
Android phones


Our exciting new mobile app for pest control services, Scheduling Manager Mobile, enables you to view your schedules (and also for your employees to view their schedules) from the road. Also, capture client signatures, track employees using GPS, and much more.
From a Large Boston-based Business

"We looked at 22 products, deeply evaluated 4 (including custom built SQL database), and chose Scheduling Manager 4 years ago. They made substantial modifications for us and continue to fine tune it as our needs dictate. The application saves us time and money by automating a plethora of processes - they are quite adept at developing innovative solutions that have driven changes to our internal protocols. We really like the electronic communication of job schedules, reports and feedback. It is truly effortless for our clients to rate and comment on us. We use the SMS capability to send daily job schedule information to our technicians. The client and employee reporting gives us great information to price future jobs, ferret out an issue or review employees.

A truly outstanding application."

Tom Moore, ECOlogic

Residential pest exterminator
From a Successful Pest Control Business

"Before we had your software, we did scheduling on spreadsheets, but this tended to be less than an ideal solution, and sometimes we had problems with the "Once a month", and "Once a year" customers. Since we've been using your program, we never miss a job appointment. Also, the "Projected Sales" report has been very useful in helping us prepare for the busy periods..."

James Kramer, Allied Pest Control, Inc.


Some Benefits of Using Our Software for Pest Control Services

Increased Efficiency Graph     You only have to enter information one time. Scheduling Manager makes using multiple software programs unnecessary, increasing efficiency and reducing errors. When you complete a job, an invoice is created, time spent by each technician on the job is recorded, payroll is calculated, and the amount paid by the customer is recorded.
Software That Saves You Time and Money     These increased efficiencies allow your organization to focus on growth and maximize opportunities in marketing, gaining new customers and lead generation.
E-mail Marketing for Field Service Businesses     Our E-mail marketing tools help you get new clients and market new services to existing clients.
The World     Thoughtful Systems designed Scheduling Manager specially for field service businesses. No other company offers better pest control software. Scheduling Manager is used by thousands of service businesses in more than 15 countries
From A Happy Pest Control Business Owner

Many years ago, we ran our business using pen and paper.  Plus some whiteboards, to track schedules.  I realized at a certain point that we needed to computerize, to make the business more efficient.  We reviewed and examined several software programs for pest control businesses, and finally settled on The Scheduling Manager by Thoughtful Systems, Inc.  When we first started, we had the customers’ names and detail in an Excel spreadsheet.  Thoughtful helped us import those, so it was easy to get started with their software.

The software has been extremely useful to our business. I don't know how we'd do our job scheduling, payroll and invoicing without it.

The people at Thoughtful are easy to work with.  They were very helpful when we were getting up and running, and they now answer any questions we have promptly.  Support is direct, we don’t have to deal with anonymous support people in far-flung paces.  Some of their people are from Australia, so they understand all our local needs.  All in all, I would definitely recommend this software for pest control businesses.  It’s proved to be an investment that has not only saved us significant amounts, but has also helped us generate new business through its marketing functions.

Next, we will be trying out Thoughtful Systems’ mobile solution, which will let technicians record completion data at the job site, take photographs, capture signatures, and receive payments.  Stay tuned!

Anthony Hardy, Paradigm Pest Control, Annerley, Queensland, Australia

Pest Control Service Business Owners
From A Satisfied Exterminator

"The support and technical help that our business receives from Thoughtful Systems is above and beyond. Anytime we call them for assistance they are happy to help us...

I would recommend Thoughtful Systems and the Scheduling Manager program to any business. If at first this system does not quite fit your needs just let the helpful people at Thoughtful Systems know and they will be happy to customize the program to your needs."

Carolyn Allen, Safeway Exterminating Company