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Work Codes


Work Codes

Keep track of all your services with Work Codes.
Make detailed lists of all work involved, as well as assign hourly rates and mark as taxable.
These descriptions will print out on job tickets (service orders) for your employees for the corresponding jobs.
work codes (service categories) for Scheduling Manager software
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Price Matrix

The Price Matrix allows you to establish different prices for each Work Codes you perform for each customer! A powerful utility that gives you extra flexibility in pricing policy.
When creating job schedules you can specify whatever amount you wish for a customer for a job, but if you want Scheduling Manager to "remember" how much you charge a particular customer for a particular type of service, then the Price Matrix is for you.
service business software I don't get it - do I need the Price Matrix?
price matrix allocation of different prices for each customer
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globe work codes Scheduling Manager Web Add-On
Scheduling Manager Web Add-On provides you access to your data on any device that can surf the web. Both customers and employees can log on online to see their schedules, request jobs and submit job completion information.
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"Scheduling Manager has been an invaluable management and marketing tool for me. I've used it since I was a startup 4 years ago and am still finding it an effective management system now that I have over 40 maids. I couldn't have grown so fast without it."
- Miriam Kahn, Today's Maid, NY
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