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Team Information Management


Assemble Teams

Assembling teams of employees who work together on a regular basis makes your scheduling easier.
These teams can be overwritten, allowing you to add non-team members to jobs, if you wish, but provides a power way to make default work groups.
utility for assigning employees to teams in service business software
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Color Code Teams

Color coding your teams, by selecting a background color and font color, makes your jobs easier to distinguish on the scheduling screen.
color coding of teams in daily scheduling calendar
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Team Groupings

The Team Groupings feature allows you to group teams together by area, or by service type (for example).
You can name your groups whatever you wish so this is actually a very flexible feature and is useful to companies that are scheduling for a large number of teams as it allows you to filter down to a select group of teams quickly and easily.
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team scheduling software This feature is not included with the basic package, but it can be purchased as an additional module.
job scheduling screen showing team groupings
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globe Scheduling Manager Web Add-On
Scheduling Manager Web Add-On provides you access to your data on any device that can surf the web. Both customers and employees can log on online to see their schedules, request jobs and submit job completion information.
Read more about the Scheduling Manager Web Add-On

"Scheduling Manager has been an invaluable management and marketing tool for me. I've used it since I was a startup 4 years ago and am still finding it an effective management system now that I have over 40 maids. I couldn't have grown so fast without it."
- Miriam Kahn, Today's Maid, NY
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