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Scheduling Manager service business software
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Web Add-On
Many users of Scheduling Manager (desktop version) want their employees and customers to be able to view their work orders, job schedules, account balances, etc. on the web.
You decide which employees you want to be capable of accessing their work orders online, and you create a login and password for each one.
Customer and Employee Scheduling
scheduling software   service business software
scheduling software   service business software




Similarly for customers. Each one will have a designated login and password.

Employees can log in every evening, to see their assignments for the following day. The schedule can be printed out if the employee wishes to do so.

In addition, the employees can record which jobs they have completed on the web site. The employee records the start and end time for each job, and the amount received from the customer (if any). This information is then transmitted back to the main computer at head office, and that information is recorded as part of the completion information in The Scheduling Manager.

Call us to find out more about this very useful add-on component. It provides you with the best of both worlds: You have all the advantages of running your software on a stand-alone computer (or network) PLUS the advantages of a web-based program, where employees and customers can access the data online. Also, you save time in recording completion data.